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Cy Twombly in the terraced garden outside Gaeta house

Copie d’un livre de James Joyce appartenant à Susan Sontag

Anselm Kiefer
Cette obscure clarté qui tombe des étoiles

Prayer Rug
Kashmir, Mughal, 18th century
Wool pile on cotton and silk foundation

Paradise in Islam is described as a walled garden filled with flowers and cypress trees. Depictions of paradise in Islamic art often include a colorful garden of flowers sheltered by an arched gateway symbolic of the entrance to heaven. This artistic metaphor appears on textiles, architectural tile panels, and other objects, but is an especially appropriate decorative motif for prayer rugs. It is a visual reminder of the pleasures of paradise awaiting the faithful who pray. Flowers burst forth from a single vase in the field of this carpet and fill a curved niche defined by flanking cypress trees and floral spandrels. The extremely fine weave of this pashmina wool prayer rug, with approximately 700 knots per square inch, gives it a luxurious, velvetlike appearance. This mille-fleurs type of prayer rug was produced in Mughal India and later copied by weavers in southern Persia.

OR poiesis, alba / crystal hall, grand hotel Rogaška, Nour Ensemble, ancient European and Persian music …via  aporee


Two Winged Angels, Folio from a Manuscript of Al-Qazwini’s Ajaib Al-Makhluqat

India, Karnataka, Bijapur, circa 1570

dragon in pieces(Book of Daniel 14:23-27)
Pamplona Bible, Navarre 1197.
Amiens, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 108, fol. 139v

Dieter Appelt, Der Augenturm, 1977


i want to watch you take a breath

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