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Manutius leaves the meter running (1564).
Detail from the section discussing meter (Book IIII) of Aldus Pius Manutius’ Latin grammar entitled Aldi Manutii pii Romani grammaticarum institutionum libri IIII (Venice: Aldus [Paulus Manutius], 1564). First printed in 1501 (Venice, Aldus), this book saw many editions and continued to be printed into the 17th century.
 Materie. Parool/Life, by Lapp R.E., 1965 via hoolawhoop
ATLAS PHOTOGRAPHIQUE DES CHAMPIGNONS500 photographs and microphotographs in black&whiteby Nardi Raymond, Sedes, 1966  via hoolwahoop

Ceramic Forms. 2011.Russell Moreton. on Flickr.
Installation in summer house.Wood fired hand built ceramic remains on calico.



I think that as good as the Dirty Three are, I prefer the side projects of its members to the group’s work together. Though I’m especially partial to Mick Turner’s pastoral guitar sketches, I think this release by Warren Ellis—to my knowledge, the only thing he has released under his own name—is a very worthwhile trio of pieces for solo violin. Here, the initial loop gives way to layers of rueful melody, finally coalescing in a sound pool suspended in space. 

(via imaginarydances)

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7065 / Fragments of wreck
7465 / Orange grove
7468 / Memory
7469 / Frans en Elise

ex The Universal Code of Signals (Marryat, Richardson, 1864), here.

the image — Grotesk-Tapete aus dem 1. Obergeschoß des Hinterhauses, um 1870.
ex Jürgen Beyer, Historische Papiertapeten in Weimar. Bad Homburg : Verlag Ausbildung + Wissen / Arbeitshefte des Thüringischen Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege 3 (1993).

I love this book, much of it devoted to the walls in the houses of Goethe and Schiller. Stumbled upon in a library, now have my own. Palimpsestual wallpapers, each layer a witness to life lived. Fragments, though.

The longer I live, the more irked I am to see man… [ who ] does the very opposite of what he wants, and then, because the undertaking as a whole is ruined, dabbles wretchedly in details.

ex Goethe, Reflections in the Spirit of the Wanderers, in Wilhelm Meister’s Journeyman Years or The Renunciants (Krishna Winston translation, Princeton UP, 1989), transcribed here .

Damián Ortega, Continuous Fragment, 2013 via artsy

Film still, Game, 1976
James Nares
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