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Daisuke Yokota

Louise Bourgeois - Oedipus, 2003
» the fairest order



subway poster frame (detail), Shibuya (Tokyo), 18 July 2014

The fairest order is a random heap of sweepings.
— Heraclitus, Fragment 46.
ex Daniel W. Graham, trans. and ed., The Texts of Early Greek Philosophy : The Complete Fragments and Selected Testimonies of the Major Presocratics (2010)

Fanno to par, etto to mar,
Timin tudo, tido,
Foll to gar in, mitno to par,
Eido, teido, meido

— sung by “children of the caretaker, I should think,” in Virginia Woolf, chapter entitled “Present Day,” The Years (1937)
(could be Hugo Ball)

Tokyo Faces - Paolo Gioli (1996)
If you yawn when you’re alone it’s because there’s a ghost in the room and he yawned first.

caprice crane

(via theories-of)

Nikola Tesla, his wardenclyffe tower and book.

Crimping and Curling Tongs, around 1900
Foto: Christa Losta
© Wien Museum
Curling tongs were heated in the oven, or over a bunsen burner. Strands of hair were clamped between the tongs and rolled to form curls. If the tongs were too hot, they burned the hair and worse still, the skin of ones’s face and head. In 1872, a Frenchman named Marcel Grateau, invented irons with which one could produce soft, natural looking waves.

Martina Sauter Erika 2012 Two panel C-Print 33 x 17.75 in

This appeared at the start of the roll and I think it was really beautiful. A friend said it looked a little like a Rothko.

7 Bleecker Street, New York, 1993, Robert Frank
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