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Allan Wexler, Coffee Seeks its Own Level was inspired by the principle “water seeks its own level”. I had been working on a series of projects using basic scientific principles learned in high school as a means to explore architectural issues.    
Coffee Seeks its Own Level choreographs group dynamics. If one person alone lifts his cup, coffee overflows the other three cups. All four people need to coordinate their actions and lift simultaneously. via void

Relational Structures/Notes #1 on Flickr.
"It is precisely where the reach of the imagination meets the friction of materials, or where the forces of ambition rub up against the rough edges of the world, that human life is lived" The Sighted Watchmaker : Making, Tim Ingold .2013 Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture.
Nothing is merely one thing.
Virginia Woolf, ”To the Lighthouse”
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Lith print of old b&w print of old house on my sister’s farm in North Carolina.

Édouard Vuillard, Nude Seated in Armchair, 1900

John McWilliams: Charleston, South Carolina, 1974.
directly something got together, it broke.



Kappabashi (Tokyo), 18 July 2014
temple precincts / graves other side of wall.

epigram ex Virginia Woolf, Eleanor’s thought in chapter entitled “Present Day,” The Years (1937)

Ricardo Huisman, World Listening Day 2014; theme “listening to you”: listening and watching at home on a hot computer to the youtube video:The Musical Mind #2:R.Murray Schafer,composer by Esprit Orchestra and than after feeding the cat going upstairs to the terrace to listen to the city environment with insects, echoes of children on roof, ending with noise of my computer fan. on aporee


  Lenz Klotz (b. 1925) Es geht auch so, 1963

photo by Miroslav Tichý

Through the Looking Glass. By me. © 2014 Irina Urumova
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