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David Hockney,   Study for ‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy  (1970)
Anne, Gilman, 3 drawings from Bad day/good day2009pencil, pastel, charcoal, paint, dry pigment
 Anne Gilman, Ping Pong 2012pencil, paint, charcoal, acrylic medium
Anne Gilman, Interference II DETAIL 1. 2010 ink, pencil, paint, with 2 relief prints on 3 scrolls Triptych measures 88” x 120”

Francis Crick & James Watson, discovering the DNA structure Double Helix, 1953. USA.

This pencil sketch was made by Crick around this time. It demonstrates the importance of simple illustrations in conceptualising & communicating complex problems. More to read: welcomecollection


Scott FraserThe Water Album – excerpts from side B (10:00)
Cassette released by Fun Music ref. #32, San Francisco, CA, 1983

Based in San Francisco, Fun Music was founded by Philip Perkins and Scott Fraser in 1979 to release their own experimental music as well as cassettes by David Ocker and “Blue” Gene Tyranny. From 1975 to 1985, Perkins belonged to The Residents’ technical crew and contributed official videos, programming and background sounds for the band’s records and shows.

A film music composer and sound engineer, Scott Fraser published 3 cassettes on Fun: Natural Histories (1980), The Water Album (1983) and Architecture (1989). The Water Album is a collection of binaural water recordings made across the US – but mostly in California– between 1978 and 1983. The source (no pun intended) of each track is varied, from rain showers to sea surf, from fish ponds to water dripping.

The sound clip above contains 1mn-excerpts from each of side B’s tracks. The binaural experience is a bit lost amid the tape hiss, but the aqueous sound theme is exquisite.

Side B:
11 Rain – Miami, Florida
12 Pier – Newport, Rhode Island
13 Sprinklers – Beverly Hills, California
14 Drips – Boston, Massachusetts
15 Waves – San Francisco, California
16 Fountain – New Haven, Connecticut
17 Pool – San Diego, California
18 Shower – Eastchester, New York
19 Tidepools – Montaña de Oro, California
20 Stream – Middlebury, Vermont

» and which have many curious forms


Plate 1c (cropped from border, squared)
illustrating Carl Störmer (also Størmer, 1874-1957 *). “Corpuscular Theory of the Aurora Borealis.” Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity (Journal of Geophysical Research) 22:1 (1917) : 23-34
University of Chicago copy, digitized May 23, 2012

For γ between — 0.93 and — 1 there is an immense number of remarkable trajectories that have not yet been studied in detail, and which have many curious forms.
another sort of forest dark.
similar to peg models; see all tagged forests


Bruce McLean, Six Sculptures, 1967-8.

Malolactic Chromatography (via Mrs. Easton)
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