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Drawing takes time. A line has time in it
— David Hockney (via bentmaze)

(via annsymes)


i found a stray thread on me


green red black and blue
5 1/8” x 7 1/4”
resin stick, charcoal, ink on paper
w. tucker

Peter Friedl, ‘5 bis 6 Amazonaskrokodile’, 1990

This Rube Goldberg machine is “powered” by a single beam of light, using mirrors, magnifying glasses, and reflective surfaces to burn through strings, melt ice, pop balloons, and more… 
Watch the video.

Paul Klee (Swiss, 1879 - 1940) - Fall (Sturz), N/D


what we are overwhelmed by could be ordinary


what we are overwhelmed by

1e. 1f., 1



things surface.
image map sketch, among asphalt papers… photo ca 1992, sketch ca. 2000?


I set off today to bind a book. Only after I glued the whole mess together I realized I had taken a wrong measurement and the project was ruined, so I ripped apart the failure and used the shreds to start this collage.


Philip Guston
Paw1968. Acrylique sur bois. 76,2 x 81,3 cm.
» the fogging effect



Plate VIII, Fig. b (cropped, squared, border supplied)
Francis E. Nipher (1847 – 1926? *). “On the Nature of the Electric Discharge. The One-Fluid and the Two-Fluid Theories.” Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis 19:1 (February 18, 1910)
UC Southern Regional Library Facility, digitized 5 February 2014
Republished in 1914 — but with a different selection of images — as Experimental Studies in Electricity and Magnetism

…revealed by the presence of small black points here and there towards which fine discharge lines proceed, and from which the discharge passed to the wire below. The form of these lines seems to have been somewhat affected by electro-magnetic induction from the discharge wire across the upper film. The fogging effect on a film from which electricity passes to a conductor, is much less than that caused by a like discharge of electicity against the film.
p 14

A stunning series of photographs illustrate this paper.
Had been searching for “sycamore.”
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