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Edgar Degas - Forest in the Mountains, c. 1890

Mike SolomonMt. St. Victoire II, 2011watercolour on paper, epoxy18” x 18

Russian Subconscious Works of Graffiti Removal


Antonio Vivaldi's Cantata “Cessate, omai cessate" "Ah, ch’infelice sempre" RV 684.


Dacia Manto, 2011, Wanelund, graphite, charcoal and ink on paper, 25x40 cm

Meeting Points
A study of escape routes by foot, in all directions. Up to an hour. Wintertime. Moving discreet, not getting noticed, not running, staying cool. No trespassing. Keeping outdoors, avoiding ski tracks, deep snow, thin ice. […]
The colored circles show how far the protagonist have walked from his starting point after 1 minute (small red circles), 5 minutes (orange), 15 (yellow), 30 (green) and 60 minutes (blue), on each of 32 routes. by Torgeir Husevaag (via the-rx)

Agnes Martin

fragment of a work - to be released
Les Horribles Travailleurs - by R\A\W F\O\R\M\S
Europe, 1\4\2014
There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.
— John Cage (via likeafieldmouse)

(via markhmendez)


Pilar and Joan Miro foundation
François Hallard
via studio achermann
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