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Une réponse à la Grande Question…
"La question, c’est toujours : qui suis-je ? Tant qu’on n’y a pas répondu, je ne vois pas comment on peut se gouverner. (…) Je ne crois pas une seule minute que ces questions puissent être résolues par la tête seule. C’est cette vie cérébrale, cette vie intellectuelle aux dépens de tout le reste qui nous a menés où nous sommes. Comment pourrait-elle nous tirer de là ? Je ne vois aucune chance de salut si nous n’apprenons pas à vivre aussi avec nos émotions et nos instincts, en les maintenant tous en équilibre"
                                                                                Katherine Mansfield
Illustration : tableau sans titre d’Alexandra Duprez (de Douarnenez !)

Christiana Soulou “La Chimere” 2013 Pencil on paper 30 x 21 cm / 11.8 x 8.2 inches

Christiana Soulou “Le devoreur d’ombres” 2013 Coloured pencil on paper 21 x 30 cm / 8.2 x 11.8 inches

Somewhere some place in London or at home, I forget where.
disposable camera

Anita Sto, Untitled_Archive 2012, from the artist’s Scketch-Book (via anitasto)



more Queensland, from seatback screen, 9 July 2014. cropped to square. slight levels adjustment.

It was impossible to act thought. She became something; a root, lying sunk in the earth; veins seemed to thread…
— Virginia Woolf, chapter entitled “1907,” in The Years (1937)


Mattress, 2014. 32x22 cm
lines, 18



Kajigaya, 10 July 2014.
Typhoon Neoguri coming in. first day in Tokyo, went out to see where I lived briefly, ca 1983, four stations (Den-en toshi line) into Kawasaki-shi.
building still there; Meier Nicholas German bakery ditto, much else ditto ditto, including the Alba Golf Club driving net.

Underneath were pipes, wires, drains…
Virginia Woolf, in chapter “1891,” The Years (1937)


Ceiling, 2014. 76x95 cm


MartiensGoHomeEn Atlanta (51:00)
Podcast on Radio Campus, Brussels, Belgium, 2012
Hosted on Discrepant

Belgian sound collective Martiensgohome (various membership around  Benoît Deuxant and Roland Wouters) emerged from an independent radio live show in Brussels and developed into a weekly experimental podcast as well as live performances and collaborations. This episode, titled In Atlanta, is based on a communication (in French) from an Atlantis representative to the humans of planet Earth and incorporates esoteric jargon, pseudo-science and Scientology brainwashing techniques on a background of ambient music. Remarkably insidious voice from unknown female speaker.

Martiensgohome on & BandCamp 

[picture from Vision Afar]

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