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Carl Wernicke, Plate from “Atlas of the Brain” (Wroclaw Psychiatric Clinic). First Division, Frontal Sections, (1897)

Dóra Maurer - Reversible & changeable phases of movement, 1972.
» hands could not be hands, and leaped



(operator hand fumble, undoctored)
Philip Meadows Taylor (1808-1876 *). Confessions of a Thug. (1839) 1873.
Bodleian copy, digitized July 21, 2006 

by the hands of these remorseless
and seized his hands; they had a violent quarrel
our oldest hands
folded my hands
with her own hands destroyed
by our hands are sometimes discovered
raising his hands and eyes
through one hand and now through the other
hands of those from whom
clasped hands to
hands. Twice did I
given into our hands
to the very hands of him
closed hands had the palms uppermost
hands of a small portion
his own hands
evidently in the hands of
delivered to my hands. I now
his hands upon it
threw her hands over my head
small matter on our hands about midnight
(persons to hold the hands)
rather die by the hands
into the hands of those he has
fallen by the hands
cleansed my hands from the
his hands for his trouble
her hands over my
her hands against her
hands; we ought to get out
hands are not safe persons
his hands joined, his turban all
his hands and knees
matters on my hands
your hands you were
your hands rather than
placing her hands on
your hands as my
their hands and faces in
not laid hands on thee
instrument in the hands of
by our own hands, waved
she placed my hands upon
both his hands too
quiet, with my hands on
fallen into the hands of
thee into my hands. and
their hands and faces
she has been in the hands of
my hands entwined in
life or death is in my hands
by the hands of my own
hands, and the moment her
than we were, good hands at
and who, with clenched hands
good hands
in their hands
rare hands
his hands
better hands
water from the hands of
hands, or any of
while his hands were
his mutilated hands
not in my hands. I felt
whose hands were scarcely
hands in glee
our hands. They were missed
stumps of his arms: his hands
hands. Of what use
base hands
noses and hands
next our hands
by our hands; several
into our hands
fell by the hands of
rare hands at rough work
his hands in agony
as he sat, his hands
my hands, while the big
hands. Besides, their style of
hands; they personated
shall need good hands
and the hands. I thought
his hands to his eyes
the hands of other
hands into it, and groped
our hands, yet I sought not
heavy on my hands
delivered into my hands
passive in the hands
dead; these hands
given into my hands
hands behind him
hands were bound behind
willing hands and
hands this moment
dirt at your hands
hands had not forgotten
hands at the bottom of
hands, yet this was rather
irons. These hands
hands could not be
hands, and leaped

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Benjamin Degen, 2013,  Sketchbook page 8, pencil on paper, 18,6x8,6 cm

shesinacoma :

Harry Callahan - Weed contre le ciel , Detroit 1948. ( Weed against sky)
so little to show, 3



meeting notes (minus some notes), 21 August 2014

on hobbling oneself.







I SAW THIS THE OTHER NIGHT ON TV! So the little thing he’s spitting out is a type of plankton that emits a light when it’s threatened by predators. So, the tetra ate it, and it felt threatened, so it emitted this light which the tetra didn’t like (aka didn’t want to be spotted by other predators at night) so it spat it out!

This was on the show Super Senses, which I talked about the other day because it is an excellent nature show!
… is it not possible—I often wonder—that things we have felt with great intensity have an existence independent of our minds; are in fact still in existence? And if so, will it not be possible, in time, that some device will be invented by which we can tap them?
Virginia Woolf, from “A Sketch of the Past,” in Moments of Being (Harvest Books, 1985)

(Source: wavingtovirginia, via an-itinerant-poet)


yearning over essences
what would an essence be


„Baguenaude“, Schmuck, Schürze, Wandobjekt (frz. baguenaude „leere Hülse des Gelben Blasenstrauchs“, im übertragenen Wortsinn „Lappalie“)Seidenorganza, Bienenwachs, gefärbt, Hülsen des Blasenstrauch aus verschiedenen Jahreszeiten, Faden*"Baguenaude", apron, jewelry, wall object (Fr.. Baguenaude “empty shell of the Yellow bubble bush” in the figurative sense of the word “trifle”) Silk organza, colored beeswax, sleeves of Colutea arborescens from different seasons, thread

Partially-optimized tissue over title page.
From The Echo: With Other Poems, ed. by Richard Alsop and Theodore Dwight (1807). Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized May 18, 2007.
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