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robin rhode makes work that is accessible, interesting, and socially relevant. would love to see more of his work in paris. i didn’t catch the name of this piece, but i found it at la fiac. 
When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the soul rejoices for what it has gained.
— Sufi proverb (via magnificentruin)
Intimacy is not entirely physical. In fact, it can have no physical interaction at all. For an intimate relationship to take place, allow someone into your thoughts. Let them hold and caress your feelings. Let them be intimate with your mind. Allow for the emotional intimacy to be the reason for passion to be bred. Now that is intimacy that is long lasting.
Upendo Kupita Juu  (via katgotkurious)

(Source: thepathofabeliever, via jawsomejaba)


Alfred Ehrhardt
Beryll, Minas Geraes, Brasilien, 1938/39
Gelatin Silver Print, 49.7 x 29.9 cm

Kansuke Yamamoto, 1930s gelatin silver print
» Deep(er) (see also Depth)



all Nicolas de Staël (1914-55 *).
behind the glassine, Figure au bord de la Mer (1952).
one — removed — serves as a bookmark (but to which book?).

might as well be Watkins Universal Shipping Code (Revised and Extended Edition, 1904),
from which —

Wafted   /   Deep(er) (see also Depth)
Wafters   /   How deep
Wafting   /   How much deeper
Wafture   /   How deep is she
Wagamt   /   Deep enough
Wagamter   /   Deep enough for safety
Wagbalken   /   Deep —— feet and —— inches
Wagbar   /   Not deep
Wagbarer   /   Not too deep
Wagbarkeit   /   Too deep
Wagbaum   /   Too deep for safety
Wagblech   /   Must go deeper
Wagbohne   /   Will go deeper

it was some of de Staël’s ink dessins that got me to thinking of drawing as a means of encoding.

blue boat with S
3 5/8” x 5 1/2”
resin stick, sanded material (acrylic paint) on sandpaper
w. tucker
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