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George Romney
Plan of Placing Colours on a Palette, 1754–1803

Morning Ritual (The Manuals #1).
Poster by Ruth van Beek, published by Centerfold Editions.
Found here.

Joseph Beuys, Schwurhand, “Zeit und Lichtstrahl” , Aquatinta und Lithographie via grafos verlag
Joseph Beuys Zirkualtionszeit: “Bär”, Lithographie via grafos verlag
Joseph Beuys, Schwurhand “Materie”, Radierung, Aquatinta und Lithographie via Grafos Verlag

'Lichen color charts from the Svensk Lafvarnas Farghistoria by Johan Peter Westring. Printed in 1805-09. Via the Biodiversity Heritage Library archive.’ (via Letterology: The Color Atlas)

Louise Bourgeois, Untitled (double sided), Watercolor and colored pencil on embossed paper, 2006.
Nobuo Sekine, Phase of Nothingness—Water 1969 

Steel, lacquer, water  30 x 220 x 160cm, 120 x 120 x 120cm  Installation view,  9th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan,  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, May 10-30, 1969


Hell and Dunkel (1976) for solo organ, Sofia Gubaidulina.

Kevin Bowyer, organ.


Philip Guston - Untitled (Blood), 1969
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