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Philip Guston
Paw1968. Acrylique sur bois. 76,2 x 81,3 cm.
» the fogging effect



Plate VIII, Fig. b (cropped, squared, border supplied)
Francis E. Nipher (1847 – 1926? *). “On the Nature of the Electric Discharge. The One-Fluid and the Two-Fluid Theories.” Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis 19:1 (February 18, 1910)
UC Southern Regional Library Facility, digitized 5 February 2014
Republished in 1914 — but with a different selection of images — as Experimental Studies in Electricity and Magnetism

…revealed by the presence of small black points here and there towards which fine discharge lines proceed, and from which the discharge passed to the wire below. The form of these lines seems to have been somewhat affected by electro-magnetic induction from the discharge wire across the upper film. The fogging effect on a film from which electricity passes to a conductor, is much less than that caused by a like discharge of electicity against the film.
p 14

A stunning series of photographs illustrate this paper.
Had been searching for “sycamore.”
Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.
Teilhard de Chardin (via cosmic-rebirth)

(via an-itinerant-poet)


Eric Watier >  le livre dispersé

Carlisle, 2004, printed 2008, from the series “ Meadow“
© Barbara Bosworth
via PRC, Boston University

I cherish a tender affinity with many of my „unknown“ followers.
Even though we have never exchanged a word.
(99,99 % - actually incredible after this long time)
Even though I do not follow most of the followers because I am still, after a few years, not habituated to this chaos on my daily dashboard.
But anyway, I often follow, accidentally, unpredictably these arising hearts. And I’m marveled about this incredible wonderful diversity, openness.
And I thank you for all the daily hearts, and the links that create a network whose deeper meaning is still hidden for me.
Except, perhaps, that since I develop this tender feeling for the connection with the unknown.

* Ich hege eine zärtliche Verbundenheit mit vielen meiner „unbekannten“ Follower. Durch die lange Zeit. Durch die regelmäßige Wiederkehr. Auch wenn wir nie ein Wort gewechselt haben. (99,99 % - eigentlich unfassbar - aber wunderbar, dass man so nah sein kann, ohne zu sprechen.)
Auch wenn ich vielleicht nicht so vielen folge, da ich mich trotz der vielen Jahre Tumblr immer noch nicht an das Chaos des Dashboards gewöhnen kann. Aber trotzdem folge ich lustvoll und zufällig gerne den auftauchenden Liebhabern direkt auf Ihre Blogs zurück. Und staune über diese unfassbare Vielfalt. Und ich danke für all die  täglichen Herzen, und die Verknüpfungen, die ein Netz kreieren, dessen tieferer Sinn mir immer noch verborgen ist.
Außer vielleicht, dass ich seitdem dieses zärtliche Gefühl für eine Verbundenheit mit dem Unbekannten spüre.

Iannis Xenakis, Study for Terretektorh (distribution of musicians), c. December 1964–January 1965Color pencil and ink on paperTwo sheets, 9 x 12 inches eachIannis Xenakis Archives, Bibliothèque nationale de France via Drawing Center


i am having thoughts about your body under certain circumstances

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