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» negative line, by a luminous glow


Plate II, Negative Line
(cropped, squared, border supplied)
Francis E(ugene). Nipher (1847 – 1926? *). “On the Nature of the Electric Discharge. The One-Fluid and the Two-Fluid Theories.” Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis 19:1 (February 18, 1910)
UCLA copy, digitized 5 February 2014
continuation of same article — together with more ec-static plates — later in same volume

…although the wire is surrounded by a luminous glow extending outward a centimeter or more…
p 12

“Draw a straight line and follow it”
La Monte Young (b 1935), ‘composition No.10’, to Bob Morris, 1960.
So, I read by feeling, vibration, picking up books from the library floor, as if by chance.
— Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge (via perfectcoma)

(Source: uutpoetry, via perfectcoma)


Georg Friedrich Händel's Harpsichord Suite No. 7 in G Minor, HWV 432 VI. Passacaglia.

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