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Yves Klein
Le Rose du bleu (RE 22), 1960 dry pigment in synthetic resin, natural sponges and pebbles on board, 78 3/8 x 60 x 6 3/8in. (199 x 153 x 16cm.)

The Royal Society accepted James Cook to convey the scientific staff of the expedition to observe the transit of Venus due to occur on 3rd June 1769. Cook left England on Aug. 12, 1768 and, after the momentous discovery of New South Wales, arrived at Otaheite [i.e. Tahiti] on April 13, 1769.  (via slnswmaps)

The Mundaneum, with its enormous filing system designed by Otlet himself, allowed people to request information by mail-order. By 1912, Otlet and his team were fielding 1,500 such requests per year.(Image: Mundaneum Archive, Belgium)

Dan Devening.-Untitled, archival pigment print, acrylic on paper, thread, tape

Von der Blindheit der Bilder (I): In Betrachtung des weißen Fleckes (About The Blindness of Pictures (I): Viewing The Blank Areas)
Timm Ulrichs, 1981


White Horses, 2008
MDF, mirror foil, tape, spray-paint, colour print on paper, 38 7/8 x 31 3/8 x 3/4 in

Anonymous, Photographic Color Card (Photographed In Black and White), (1907)
From the collection of Johannes Barbieri.

Demonstration of Spiritual Planes, Found Photograph, (1942)
SMITH, KIKI. Endocrinology. Poems by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge. [Long Island, N.Y.]: Universal Limited Art Editions, [1997]. via Bonhams
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