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Eva Hesse Hang Up, 1966 mixed media with cloth, wood, acrylic, cord, steel tube

Area - Eva Hesse, 1968

In honor of International Women’s Day, did you know that the AMAM houses the archives for one of the most-celebrated female artists of the 20th century, Eva Hesse? The AMAM was the first museum to purchase a sculpture, Laocoön, by Hesse, in 1970. In gratitude for its recognition of Hesse’s work, and following the artist’s untimely death, her sister Helen Hesse Charash generously donated the artist’s notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks, photographs, and letters to the museum. These are preserved for research, teaching and exhibition; scholars wishing to view this material may make an appointment in the museum’s Print Study Room.Image:
Photograph of Eva Hesse, c. 1965 Eva Hesse Archive Gelatin silver print Overall: 10 1/16 x 7 15/16 in. (256 x 202 mm) Gift of Helen Hesse Charash AMAM 1977.52.72.12

Currently on show at Hauser & Wirth, through April 24, is a series of small sculptures by Eva Hesse that are essentially fragments rescued from her studio. They are fragile and diaphanous in substance, almost anti-sculptures. A year before her death, in 1969, Hesse wrote of her desire “to get to non-art, non-connotive, non-anthropomorphic, non-geometric, non-nothing; everything…It’s not the new, it is what is yet not known, thought, seen, touched; but really what is not and that is.” Though not quite there, or not quite anything, the works, nonetheless, feel significant and demanding. As Leslie Camhi wrote for the New York Times blog, though the work in the exhibition seem closer to prototypes to autonomous works of art, they are compelling in revealing those familiarly Hesse-ian themes: “plasticity, an engagement with ephemeral materials, the elusive and incomplete nature of memory, and a redolent corporeality.” (via » Go See – New York: Eva Hesse at Hauser & Wirth through April 24, 2010 - AO Art Observed™)
Eva Hesse,  Photogram  Overall: 13 7/8 x 11 in. (352 x 279 mm) via  Allen Memorial Art Museum
Eva Hesse, Ingeminate, November 1965, papier-maché, cord, enamel over balloons, surgical hose via Art Tattler
Photo of Eva Hesse holding Ingeminate, 1965 via Art Tattler
Eva Hesse, No title, 1960. 91.4 x 91.4 cm. Oil on canvas. The Rachofsky Collectione via Arttattler

Repetition Nineteen III, Eva Hesse, July 1968. Fiberglass and polyester resin.
From Eva Hesse: A Retrospective by Yale University Art Gallery, 1992.
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