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 Materie. Parool/Life, by Lapp R.E., 1965 via hoolawhoop

Chris Marker's workbook for the creation of La Jetée (1962).

Cover of: British mosses, their homes, aspects, structure and uses by Frances Elizabeth Trippby F.E. Tripp Published 1874 by George Bell and Sons in London .
Max Leiß, Ausgabe - via Mark Pezinger Verlang via void
Susann Hiller, Photographs from After the Freud Museum; Cripps, David; Hiller, Susan; 1995; via bookworks

Katsumi Omori and Rinko Kawauchi, spread from Istanbul
More views, background and purchase at Japan Exposures bookstore
Pablo Picasso,  Le chant des morts (The Song of the Dead), was on display, and it consists of forty-three poems by Pierre Reverdy. via Jessica Svendsen
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