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I set off today to bind a book. Only after I glued the whole mess together I realized I had taken a wrong measurement and the project was ruined, so I ripped apart the failure and used the shreds to start this collage.

Victor Pasmore
Abstract in Blue, Brown and Crimson, 1960. Ink and collage on paper, 18 x 23 cm
Guy Mees, Verloren ruimte, 1980-1993 foto ©Syb’l.S-Pictures via Galerie Bernard Bouche
Tom Elliott, while some songs: the settling drifts, Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg, 1997 via stopping off place
Java Knees, Scan 106 (von Java Knees)
Saul Steinberg  Untitled (Mask)  c. 1959-65  Collage with paper bag and pencil via An Ambitious Project…  and here
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