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'Lichen color charts from the Svensk Lafvarnas Farghistoria by Johan Peter Westring. Printed in 1805-09. Via the Biodiversity Heritage Library archive.’ (via Letterology: The Color Atlas)
Jason Rhoades at Institute of Contemporary Art via Contemporary Art DailyUntitled (from My Madinah: In pursuit of my ermitage…), 2004/2013 Fluorescent tubes, Plexiglas, orange extension cord, rope, and other materials. Approximately 30 x 45 feet Galerie Hauser & Wirth, Zurich and London

Paul Klee, Color Chart (1931)

A New Practical Treatise on the Three Primitive Colours…, London, 1830. Estimate $300 to $400.

John Henry Pepper, Cyclopaedic science simplified (1869)

Sculptures Alphabetiques. Paul Cox

Gerhard Richter | Farbtafel
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