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Jen Bervin, The Composite Marks of Fascicle, 2006. Each work: cotton and silk thread batting backed with muslin. Courtesy the artist. Installation view courtesy The Power Plant. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid via Daily Serving

embroidery and etching, April 2012

Diane Meyer, New Jersey V: 1979, Hand-Sewn. 2011
Trish Maharam. In Grey, 2010. Stitching on silk.
Trish Maharam. Transition, 2011. Stitching on silk.

Yumiko Arimoto (Sina) via katatsumurileblog (Photos : All Rights Reserved SINA- Yumiko Arimoto)

Elizabeth Parker’s cross-stitched account circa 1830 of her emotional trauma and suicide attempt after her employer pushed her down the stairs when she resisted his sexual advance.
Read here:  “As I cannot write I put this down simply and freely as I might speak to a person whose intimacy and tenderness I can fully intrust myself…”
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