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Allan Wexler, Coffee Seeks its Own Level was inspired by the principle “water seeks its own level”. I had been working on a series of projects using basic scientific principles learned in high school as a means to explore architectural issues.    
Coffee Seeks its Own Level choreographs group dynamics. If one person alone lifts his cup, coffee overflows the other three cups. All four people need to coordinate their actions and lift simultaneously. via void


With 10 days left in The Menil Collection’s “Silence” exhibition, here’s a special sound-art bonus for visitors and followers: A clip of Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello’s The Spaces Contained in Each (2012), a live improvisation performed live at Houston’s Rothko Chapel on July 28! 

Here’s the background: The second segment of Episode No. 40 of the Modern Art Notes Podcast featured Roden and Vitiello discussing The Spaces Contained in Each. Performed in association with “Silence” at the Menil, Roden and Vitiello’s work was inspired by their shared interest in John Cage, and in particular Cage’s 4’33”.  

To download Episode No. 40 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast directly to your PC/mobile device, click here. Subscribe to The Modern Art Notes Podcast via iTunes or RSS. See images of artworks discussed on the program.

Image: Stephen Vitiello and Steve Roden performing at The Rothko Chapel, Houston on July 28. Photo by Sari Roden.

(via robertrauschenberg)


WEATHER & WORN (12K, 2009)

After a long listening drought, I recently returned to a couple of favorite 12K releases and am now trying to catch up on some of the highlights I might have missed. This is one of them—the inaugural 7” on the label after more than a decade of CD-only releases, not surprisingly presented by the founder of 12K himself, Taylor Deupree.

I think the reason I stayed away from the label for some time is that I heard a certain sameness in the music across artists. Much of it is delicate and lovely, perhaps to the extent that individual albums don’t always differentiate themselves from the pack. Compound that with Deupree’s visual design which frames most of the releases, and there developed (in me at least) a feeling of, “Oh, I have others like this. Why do I need another?” And I’m now at a point where I just have to admire that consistency and I’m eager to hear more.

"Worn" is the B-side to "Weather" (hence the name of this EP)—both pieces are flush with languor and essentially invite you to forget your troubles. The addition of the room tone/hiss takes adds a layer of texture, heightening the laze of it all. I’d encourage you to download this as a digital release, as it comes with a 23-minute version of “Worn” that is itself easily replayable.

Stan BrakhageFilmstrips from Mothlight  (1963)16mm film
Franz Erhard Walther, 28 Standstellen Zeichnung, 1967 / Ort Zeit Innen Aussen, 1967 Kreuz Bewegungsraum, 1967 / Rahmen Wege, 1967 via We Find Wildness

process image: textile strips (by Yorktown Road)
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