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Film still, Game, 1976
James Nares
Deutschlands Atomkraftwerke in einem Spiel : akw-quartettGerman atomic power plants in a game
via rebel art

Antique Parcheesi game board.
Found here.
Il giocco delle favole (The fable game) by Enzo Mari, Danese, Milano, 1965 (This is the third variant, from  1971. Lithography in 12 colours on plastified cardboard sheets, 9 X 18  inches). via stopping off place
Gabriel Andermatt, Swiss Panorama Standard - In the second part a compilation of 20 landscapes was formed using the  kit, an overhead projector and an usual digital camera. Some pictures  were built according to the Panorama Standard and others purposely not. In collaboration with Julia Marti.
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