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Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI, 1916-1985)

Girl with Mirrors 
Mirror, from the series Eight Women of Modern Times (Imayô fujin hattai no uchi)Japanese, Shôwa era, 1929 (Shôwa 4)
Onchi Kôshirô, Japanese, 1891–1955

Grandfather’s Envelopes by Fujji Sakuko
Thanks for the link Donna.
Deutschlands Atomkraftwerke in einem Spiel : akw-quartettGerman atomic power plants in a game
via rebel art
Mitsuhashi Setsuko (1939-1975)  Young woman in Chinese dress holding a black cat 
Signed and sealed Setsuko  Two-panel screen; ink, color and gold on paper  52 1/8 x 61 1/8in. (132.5 x 155.4cm.)
The artist was born in Kyoto and painted exotic subjects after traveling  to India and Cambodia in 1967. The painting shown here is thought to  have been painted in the late ’60s or early ’70s.

HIRANO, Hakuho (1879-1957) “Before the Mirror” (“Kagami no Mae”) 1932
Without question, this is Hirano’s finest “bijin-ga” image (lifetime total of only 6 known images, all 1932-36).  Amoung the finest “bijin-ga” prints of the shin-hanga period.  Rarely seen
Tim Lisko: Shinkansen - Open Shutter while on the high-speed bullett train from Tokyo to Osaka
Asako Narahashi , Momochi, from the series “half awake and half asleep in the water. 2003 via We Find Wildness
Asako Narahashi ,  Kawaguchiko, from the series “half awake and half asleep in the water. 2003   via We Find Wildness
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