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Bunny-dropping-bunny (Karnickelköttelkarnickel), Dieter Roth, 1968, now on view at the MoMA.

john grzinich, playing the metal railing / Metal railing Zaspa, Gdańsk, Poland  via aporee

 Materie. Parool/Life, by Lapp R.E., 1965 via hoolawhoop

The Regency TR-1 was the first commercially manufactured transistor radio (1954).

NASA Viking Lander I, First Color Photo Taken on Mars, July 21,1976 (C-Print)

Caroline Le Mehaute, Négociation 26 : Cousine, 2010

Large Group Of Vial/pill Cases, Early 20th And 19th Century

Li Gang
“Ridge” 2012
stones and glue 70 pieces, different sizes between 24 x 6 x 4.5 cm and 81 x 24 x 15 cm installation size: 430 x 520 cm
Make It With Paper and Things by Lella Gandini, Methuen Children’s Books, London, 1975—-Originally published in Italian as Fai De Te, 1972
via stopping off place
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