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Ricardo Huisman, World Listening Day 2014; theme “listening to you”: listening and watching at home on a hot computer to the youtube video:The Musical Mind #2:R.Murray Schafer,composer by Esprit Orchestra and than after feeding the cat going upstairs to the terrace to listen to the city environment with insects, echoes of children on roof, ending with noise of my computer fan. on aporee


Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) // Nancy Sinatra

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MartiensGoHomeEn Atlanta (51:00)
Podcast on Radio Campus, Brussels, Belgium, 2012
Hosted on Discrepant

Belgian sound collective Martiensgohome (various membership around  Benoît Deuxant and Roland Wouters) emerged from an independent radio live show in Brussels and developed into a weekly experimental podcast as well as live performances and collaborations. This episode, titled In Atlanta, is based on a communication (in French) from an Atlantis representative to the humans of planet Earth and incorporates esoteric jargon, pseudo-science and Scientology brainwashing techniques on a background of ambient music. Remarkably insidious voice from unknown female speaker.

Martiensgohome on & BandCamp 

[picture from Vision Afar]


Kronos Quartet - Dr. Van Helsing & Dracula (composed by Philip Glass, from Philip Glass: Dracula, his score for 1931’s Dracula)

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CocoRosie - Beautiful Boyz (Feat. Antony Hegarty )

"All those beautiful boys
Pimps and queens and criminal queers
All those beautiful boys
Tattoos of ships and tattoos of tears…”

john grzinich, playing the metal railing / Metal railing Zaspa, Gdańsk, Poland  via aporee

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