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Harry Callahan - Weed contre le ciel , Detroit 1948. ( Weed against sky)

„Baguenaude“, Schmuck, Schürze, Wandobjekt (frz. baguenaude „leere Hülse des Gelben Blasenstrauchs“, im übertragenen Wortsinn „Lappalie“)Seidenorganza, Bienenwachs, gefärbt, Hülsen des Blasenstrauch aus verschiedenen Jahreszeiten, Faden*"Baguenaude", apron, jewelry, wall object (Fr.. Baguenaude “empty shell of the Yellow bubble bush” in the figurative sense of the word “trifle”) Silk organza, colored beeswax, sleeves of Colutea arborescens from different seasons, thread

The Porpitidae and Velellidae. 1883.

“Kalis Kette” (diese Kette kann vielleicht 10 Menschen töten) Der Duft, der beim Durchstechen der Kerne entsteht ist wie eine Essenz von Grün. * “Kalis Chain” (this chain can possibly kill 10 people)The scent produced when piercing the cores is like the essence of green.
Krishna als Musikantin verkleidet, Rajasthan, Bundi-Stil, 2. Hälfte 18. Jh.,* Krishna Disguised as a Female Musician, 2nd half 18th centurry © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Asiatische Kunst

Henry Bradbury | Schizymenia edulis | The Nature-Printed British Sea-Weeds (1859)

 British mosses, their homes, aspects, structure and uses with a coloured figure of each species etched from nature by Frances Elizabeth Tripp Published 1874 by George Bell and Sons in London .
or as silent as


detail, at JeeJ
in Mary Gilman’s copy of John Todd, his Index Rerum: or Index of Subjects, intended as a manual…
Twentieth Edition, Northampton, Mass. Hopkins, Bridgman & Co., 1854.

…for indexes are never as neutral or silent as they promise to be.
Sasha Archibald, “Indexes, in praise of,” in Cabinet 52 (Winter 2013-14)

Discussion of this copy, here.

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