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The Porpitidae and Velellidae. 1883.

“Kalis Kette” (diese Kette kann vielleicht 10 Menschen töten) Der Duft, der beim Durchstechen der Kerne entsteht ist wie eine Essenz von Grün. * “Kalis Chain” (this chain can possibly kill 10 people)The scent produced when piercing the cores is like the essence of green.
Krishna als Musikantin verkleidet, Rajasthan, Bundi-Stil, 2. Hälfte 18. Jh.,* Krishna Disguised as a Female Musician, 2nd half 18th centurry © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Asiatische Kunst

Henry Bradbury | Schizymenia edulis | The Nature-Printed British Sea-Weeds (1859)

 British mosses, their homes, aspects, structure and uses with a coloured figure of each species etched from nature by Frances Elizabeth Tripp Published 1874 by George Bell and Sons in London .
or as silent as


detail, at JeeJ
in Mary Gilman’s copy of John Todd, his Index Rerum: or Index of Subjects, intended as a manual…
Twentieth Edition, Northampton, Mass. Hopkins, Bridgman & Co., 1854.

…for indexes are never as neutral or silent as they promise to be.
Sasha Archibald, “Indexes, in praise of,” in Cabinet 52 (Winter 2013-14)

Discussion of this copy, here.

Grateloupia turuturu Yamada from the Seaweed Collection

Christopher Dresser - Botanical lecture diagram [1855]
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