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Patrick Wagner, Graveyards, Ongoing cycle of prints. Intaglio from copper and zinc plates,
Martin Creed’s broccoli prints (Work No. 912, acrylic on canvas, 2008 /  Work. No. 1000, various paints on card, 1,000 parts, 2009-2010 / Work.  No. 815, 7-inch single, 2000) via stopping off place

‘Warrior’ by Sharon Barfoot
monoprint on rice paper
 ANNELIES ŠTRBA ,Nyima 222. 2005. Ink Jet print on canvasvia We Find Wildness


the situation where the nearer object is considerably smaller in apparent size than the more distant object_
( relatively brief events that can only be viewed in totality along a relatively narrow track )
ink, airbrush, pencil/colored pencil on paper.  
> Betty Goodwin, parcel seven, 1969, soft-ground etching and etching in brown and blue on wove paper

Betty Goodwin, For Joseph Beuys, 1974,  soft-ground etching and etching with colour polaroid photograph on wove paper “In 1972 she found a fisherman’s vest like the one  Beuys always wore, and with it made the print “Vest for Beuys”. In 1974  she took photographs of Beuys at an “action” in a New York gallery. She  then placed the photos on the remaining impressions of “Vest for  Beuys”, and dedicated this version to him.”
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