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A Snuff Box Full of Trees by William De Lancey Ellwanger (1909), University of California Libraries, Santa Cruz.


Arturo HerreraBusy Night. 2005Wall painting in three parts Paint
Steven Seinberg, pairs, 2006, mixedmedia
W. Tucker, Untitled (totem), oil bar, resin stick, graphite, china marker on wood, 48”x 48”
Rose Wylie, Celebrity, 2006, 295 x 366 via Union Gallery

Anatoly Purlik
 he is on facebook….

Willem de Kooning - Seventeen Lithographs for Frank O/Hara Portfolio. 1968-88

Cy Twombly - Fifty Days at Iliam-Shades of Achilles, Patroclus, and Hector
Elijah Gowin, Into the Sun 2009 
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