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Gerhard Richter
Arosa, Atlas Sheet 333

from “Portraits” project (1984)
By Patrick Tosani
I saw some of these self-portraits in a book about the artist more generally, but this was the project I really dug.  I wish I knew more about it, though…I didn’t get to really read through the book, and his website is in French, and in Flash, so Google Translate isn’t really doing its job too well.  If anyone is able to find an artist’s statement or a press release for this show, I’d love to have a link to it!  Thanks!
See more of Tosani’s work at his official site (hope you can read French!).

Evolution of a Beehive, c. 1950

Manutius leaves the meter running (1564).
Detail from the section discussing meter (Book IIII) of Aldus Pius Manutius’ Latin grammar entitled Aldi Manutii pii Romani grammaticarum institutionum libri IIII (Venice: Aldus [Paulus Manutius], 1564). First printed in 1501 (Venice, Aldus), this book saw many editions and continued to be printed into the 17th century.

Chris Marker's workbook for the creation of La Jetée (1962).
Candy Jernigan (1952-91) at Greene Naftali via Contemporary Art Daily
Candy Jernigan at Greene Naftali via Contemporary Art Daily

Large Group Of Vial/pill Cases, Early 20th And 19th Century

Marcel Duchamp, Designs for Chessmen, 1920 (MOMA—Katherine Dreier Bequest)
The laughing ass would become the emblem of Duchamp and Dreier’s institution, the Société Anonyme, Inc., inaugurated in 1920.
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