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Candy Jernigan (1952-91) at Greene Naftali via Contemporary Art Daily
Candy Jernigan at Greene Naftali via Contemporary Art Daily

Large Group Of Vial/pill Cases, Early 20th And 19th Century
Helena Almeida - via void

Marcel Duchamp, Designs for Chessmen, 1920 (MOMA—Katherine Dreier Bequest)
The laughing ass would become the emblem of Duchamp and Dreier’s institution, the Société Anonyme, Inc., inaugurated in 1920.


Love Poem

Richard Brautigan

A one-line work read 18 consecutive times by 18 different readers, including Michael McClure, avant-garde filmmaker Bruce Conner, photographer Imogen Cunningham, San Francisco Chronicle newspaper columnist Herb Caen, Brautigan’s girlfriend Valerie Estes, and Brautigan’s daughter Ianthe Brautigan.

(Source: theindoorkids)


Vija Celmins
Even on paper it’s never the same sea twice. 

Richard Tuttle Untitled, ca 1980

Candy JerniganFound Dope: Part IIfound objects on paper1986 
ed: Wow, powerful.
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