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Duane Michals, I Build a Pyramid, 1978

Vía: Rosendo Cid
Out of the Sky: An Introduction to Meteoritics by H.H. Nininger, Dover, NY, 1952 via Stopping off Place
n135_w1150, A pictorial atlas of fossil remains London :H.G. Bohn,1850.(von BioDivLibrary)

Alexander Calder Flower Necklace, 1938If I owned this, I may never need another piece of jewelry again. 

Rune stone, Stenkvista, Södermanland, Sweden
Rune stone (Sö 111) in Stenkvista, with a Thor’s Hammer. The inscription says: “Helge and Fröger and Torgöt raised rune-decorated landmarks in memory of Tjudmund, their father”.County (län): SödermanlandPhotograph by: Erik BrateDate: 1916
Paul Lee at Modern Art, London via Contemporary Art Daily
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