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 Materie. Parool/Life, by Lapp R.E., 1965 via hoolawhoop

Film still, Game, 1976
James Nares

Alfred Ehrhardt
Beryll, Minas Geraes, Brasilien, 1938/39
Gelatin Silver Print, 49.7 x 29.9 cm
this is in accordance with what might be expected.



Plate XVII, illustrating E. Hatschek and A. L. Simon, “Gels in Relation to Ore Deposition.” Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 21 (1912): 451-480

Presents the authors’ efforts to achieve in the laboratory, something like the conditions by which “many features of the occurrence of gold in quartz” could be explained.  Discussion of each figure (reducing agent + appearance), along with epigram (at top), at 
page 454

Orientation as printed.


Duane Michals, I Build a Pyramid, 1978

Vía: Rosendo Cid
Out of the Sky: An Introduction to Meteoritics by H.H. Nininger, Dover, NY, 1952 via Stopping off Place
n135_w1150, A pictorial atlas of fossil remains London :H.G. Bohn,1850.(von BioDivLibrary)
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