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Anne Gilman, Interference II DETAIL 1. 2010 ink, pencil, paint, with 2 relief prints on 3 scrolls Triptych measures 88” x 120”

Identity Crisis by Brian Rea

Das neue Frankfurt, Cover for the issue Art school, 1929. Unknown artist. Via University of Heidelberg

The Borley rectory writings on the wall is one of the most interesting manifestation of the famous Borley rectory haunting, which was probably the first case of ghost hunting in history. they believed the writings had come from a young deceased catholic woman who wanted her body to be discovered and receive a proper christian burial ceremony. she was trying to communicate with Marianne, wife of the reverend Lionel Foyster, the couple living in the rectory in October 1930. we can read “ Marianne… please help get” and “ Marianne light mass prayers”. Marianne wrote that she couldn’t understand some of the writings.

Franz Kafka’s signature in a letter to Milena Jesenská. It reads:
Franz wrong,  F  wrong, Yours wrongnothing more, calm, deep forest
Prague, July 29, 1920.
Kafka and Jesenská met twice: once in Vienna for four days, and in Gmünd for one. Kafka gave her his diaries at the end of his life.

Joseph Cornell diary describing and illustrating the constellation Cygnus

John Baldessari  - I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, 1971

Walt Whitman Poem
Leaf (a recto) faces a blank leafLeaf is followed by 21 blank leaves and the blank back endpaperLeaf mounted with seven holograph manuscripts written on seven scraps of paperThe woman that sells candies and apples; the “red liquid heart of the earth” Signal bellthings not in the gorilla and the chimpanzeeOne good of knowing the great politics of natureI admire a beautiful woman All moves unwittingly or halts and stands.
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